Attorney, Author, Student Advocate
Not actually CL. CL is a real person; not an action figure.

Not actually CL. CL is a real person; not an action figure.

CL Lindsay, Attorney, Author, Student Advocate

C.L. Lindsay is the country’s foremost authority on Higher Education Law. He literally wrote the book on legal problems in higher eduction. The College Student’s Guide to the Law has become the definitive authority–used by students, university counsel and nationwide as a textbook for masters and law courses. His work has been featured in US News & World Reports, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Washington Post, and countless other national and local media outlets.

He has showcased at NACA Mid-Atlantic, South, Central, Northern Plains, Northeast, Mid-America, West and NACA and APCA Nationals. C.L. works regularly with Athletic Teams, Fraternities and Sororities, Orientations, Military Bases. Programs can be adjusted for the most conservative or liberal audiences.

But what defines C.L. isn’t his knowledge. it’s his uncanny ability to make legal concepts not only understandable, but outright hilarious. In fact, the movie rights to his book were recently purchased by Steve Carrell to be developed into a motion picture—something that’s unheard of for a non-fiction, legal reference. In the last six years CL has made more than 800 appearances at colleges from Coast to Coast. Bring him to your school, base or other venue and you’ll see why he has become one of the most popular speakers in the country.