Attorney, Author, Student Advocate


Make sure any party your students, or troops, throw is as safe and legal as possible. After the lecture attendees will:

  • Be able to take specific steps to ensure that guests’ actions can’t be blamed on the hosts
  • Know how to legally collect party donations
  • Know how to avoid being mistakenly charged for serving to minors
  • Be able to set-up their party space to avoid noise violations and confrontations with neighbors
  • Be able to invite guests without making the even legally “public”
  • Understand of the basics of the underage drinking laws for their specific state and town
  • Learn the penalties for most alcohol related violations including jail time, fine amounts, and loss of drivers licenses
  • Be able to interact with the police if they do show up at the party and get the best possible outcome
  • Understand the basics of search and seizure law, including the myriad exceptions, and know how to proceed when confronted with an issue
  • Have actionable steps to take if, despite their best efforts, there was a legal issue at their party including how to find and evaluate a competent attorney