Attorney, Author, Student Advocate


Class, it’s ACTUALLY the reason people go to college, so make sure your students understand their rights and responsibilities in the classroom. After the lecture students will:

  • Have basic strategies for dealing with their professors
  • Be able to take specific steps to challenge an unfair grade from evaluating if the grade was unjustified (often the most important part), through approaching the professor, to alternative options if the professor won’t budge
  • Understand the limits of the protection academic freedom offers students
  • Have a working knowledge the laws and local rules about romantic relationships with professors
  • Be able to explain the major kinds of plagiarism and the underlying theories behind them
  • Know how dangerous employing the services of a paper mill can be (both academically and financially)
  • Be able to identify word theft, idea theft, structural plagiarism in their own work
  • Have specific actions to take to avoid inadvertent plagiarism at every step of the paper writing process
  • Understand the many ways they can (and most likely will) be caught if they do cheat