Attorney, Author, Student Advocate


Make sure your students, or troops, understand the potential pitfalls of being careless online. After the lecture attendees will:

  • Understand the basics of current sexting laws, including recent cases and laws
  • Be able to explain the application of statutory rape, child pornography and sexual misconduct charges to simple peer to peer texts
  • Have a working set of guidelines to determine what is and isn’t appropriate to text
  • Understand the legal principles and difficulties behind cyber-bullying
  • Know the federal, state, local and school (if applicable) rules and laws concerning cyber harassment and cyber stalking
  • Have a working knowledge of recent cases involving online bullying
  • Have steps to take if they, themselves are being bullied online including strategies for reducing retaliation and which authorities to approach for help
  • Have a working knowledge of federal privacy laws and their applicability (or lack of) to online postings
  • Be able to avoid online run-ins with school authorities, employers, potential employers, the police and others
  • Have specific actions to take to protect their safety and privacy online (including having the literal bejesus scared out of them by stories of people who weren’t careful)