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Congratulations on deciding to bring CL to your campus, base or other venue. You have made a very wise choice. CL is a much better use of your resources than wasting your money on some schlocky hypnotist or smarmy magician. But, while CLs show is FAR superior to most others, it is a bit harder to promote. So here are a few tips for maximizing attendance.


  • The most important thing to remember is, just because YOU know this event will be fun, doesn’t mean anyone else does. Think about it, if all you heard is “oh yeah, some lawyer is coming to speak” what would you think? So you’ll have to do a little leg work to let them know that this will be an entertaining hour.
  • If at all possible, get some buy-in from groups on campus. Seek out a co-sponsorship from the Greek community. Or get professors to give extra credit. Better yet, make it mandatory. It almost doesn’t matter how you get people to the auditorium. Once they’re there CL will make them happy they showed up.
  • That said, please don’t advertise CL as a comedian. CL is REALLY funny for a lawyer. But there’s a lot of teaching that goes on. So if people show up expecting a stand-up routine and CL starts explaining the 4th Amendment, they’ll be pissed. This has happened, and it wasn’t pretty.
  • This should go without saying, but advertise early. Put up the posters a week or two ahead of time. If you want to print more out, you can download them below. And feel free to call Bass Schuler. They’ll send you more if you need them.


 To download a file, right click the thumbnail and choose “Save Target/File As”.

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