Attorney, Author, Student Advocate


Make sure your students, or troops, understand how the law applies to the more sordid parts of their lives. After the lecture attendees will:

  • Understand the basics of consensual sexual issues—adultery, fornication, crimes against nature and statutory rape (one of the most mis-quoted laws on any college campus)
  • Know their rights in the areas of contraceptive issues, pregnancy and abortion
  • Be able to explain criminal transmission of an STD and voyeurism laws
  • Have an understanding of how public nudity and public urination (and defecation, but hey, if you’re defecating in public you’ve got bigger problems than any lecture can solve) intersect.
  • Know the basics of current sexting laws, including recent cases and laws
  • Be able to identify how statutory rape, child pornography and sexual misconduct charges may apply to simple peer to peer texts
  • Have a working set of guidelines to determine what is and isn’t appropriate to text
  • Have specific actions to take if they are being stalked (real-world or online)
  • Know how to avoid falling victim to date rape drugs
  • Be able to preserve the evidence correctly if they are, god forbid, the victims of an assault
  • Know the basics of the Campus Sex Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights
  • Have specific actions to take to protect their safety online (including having the literal bejesus scared out of them by stories of people who weren’t careful)